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Abstract Multiple primary tumors can be synchronous when detected simultaneously or metachronous when detected after a variable time interval. We present the neuroendocrine cancer stage 4 of a year-old female patient with a history of keratinized squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix, stage T3bNxMx, operated, and treated by chemotherapy and radiation therapy which develops after three years a large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the lung detected by imaging. Of major importance in the selection of the optimal therapeutic approach was the accurate determination of the histological type of the metachronous tumor by microscopy and immunohistochemical techniques.

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MATERIALS AND METHODS: Imaging studies of 22 patients 12 men, mean age 60 years with histopathologically confirmed diagnosis, evaluated in the authors's institution during the last five years were retrospectively reviewed by two radiologists, with findings being consensually described focusing on changes observed at computed tomography. Only one typical carcinoid presented the characteristic appearance of central endobronchial nodule with distal pulmonary atelectasis, while the others neuroendocrine cancer stage 4 pulmonary nodules or masses. The atypical carcinoids corresponded to peripheral heterogeneous masses.

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