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Abstract Aim: to describe two cases of familial papillary thyroid carcinoma. Material and methods: patients were investigated by fine needle biopsy, MRI imaging and tumor biopsy, first case and histological examination of colonic and thyroid tumors first case and histological examination of thyroid tumor second case. Results and discussion: case presentation: first case, 68 years old man had a colonic polyposis attenuated form with only a few polyps and a thyroid nodule.

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Case report: We report the case of a years-old female patient with personal history of cervical fistulizing tuberculous gumma diagnosed with right lateral cervical mass and Hashimoto nodular thyroiditis. The patient underwent to surgical treatment which consisted in total thyroidectomy and modified papillary thyroid cancer history dissection with resection of internal right jugular vein adherent to the lymph node mass. Results: The final pathology report demonstrated a pT3mN0LV1Pn0 right lobe papillary thyroid carcinoma on Hashimoto thyroiditis while lymph nodes presented giant epithelioid granulomas with giant multinuclear Langhans cells and central necrosis consistent with the diagnosis of tuberculous adenitis.

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For over 50 years the casuistic of patients with thyroid cancer registered in the Nuclear Medicine Department of the National Institute of Endocrinology in Bucharest, Romania, has over 12 cases. In the last 6 years, a total of new cases have papillary thyroid cancer history added. They are organized in a ‘classic file’ format.

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