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The juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis is the most frequent benign tumour of the larynx. In Sir Morrel MacKenzie describes papillomas as pharyngo-laryngeal lesions at a child, and the term of juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis has been introduced by Chevalier Jakson in The etiological agent is HPV types 6 and 11 and the section of the respiratory tract the most frequently infected is the squamocolumelar junction. Juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis is a disease papillomatosis of the larynx frequent between 3 and 5 years, characterised by multiple relapses and exuberant growth at the level of the laryngeal mucosa.

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The lack of a curative treatment and the tendency of the papillomatosis to recur in an extensive manner require an aggressive treatment. Although multiple medical therapies are available, their results are not always the desired ones. That is why nowadays the focus of the therapy is on the surgical approach.

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