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The aim of this study is to present the evolution of cervical cancer in Bucharest, based on incidence, prevalence and mortality routine statistics, in the context of the health programs unfolded by the authorities or by other parties as corporate social responsibility CRS factors. Materials and method. Papillomavirus prevention is a correlation between a papillomavirus prevention and review of the latest literature using data bases on cervical cancer and the prevalence of its risk factors. In Bucharest, it was initiated an awareness program for female population, and inwith the Government support, there was papillomavirus prevention a vaccination program against HPV, but the vaccination rate was under expectations.

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The mortality of cervical cancer in Romania is the most important among European countries. The pri­­ma­­ry cause of cervical cancer is a persistent papillomavirus prevention by some spe­ci­­fic types of human papillomavirus HPV. Cer­­vi­cal cancer can be prevented by vaccination against HPV infection and scre­ening. Sincemany countries papillomavirus prevention introduced HPV vac­cines into their national programs.